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From affogatos to beer on tap

A culinary stroll through Barcelona

Juna Grafe

Janine Juna Grafe (27), Content Specialist

After growing up in the heart of western Germany and living for some time in Hamburg and Amsterdam, the content specialist has now settled in sunny Barcelona, and won’t be moving any time soon. Given the food, that’s entirely understandable. Let’s take a tour with Janine through the “foodie” Barcelona.

Barcelona is for gourmets

What makes Barcelona’s food scene so fascinating? It responds to trends, but in a gloriously understated way. While many big cities around the globe have been swept up in the wave of new culinary discoveries, the Catalan capital remains modest. Avocado toast, acai bowls, matcha? Not so easy to find. Instead, it’s the comfort factor that is important in Barcelona. Meals usually take place outside in large groups. But that doesn’t mean that the food is second rate. Barcelona’s gastro scene oozes creativity and quality. But without the hefty price tag.


1. Casa Bonay

Casa Bonay Rooftop Bar

A view not limited to hotel patrons: The rooftop bar of the Casa Bonay boutique hotel is open to members of the public as well

After opening just last year, Casa Bonay is a newcomer among the hotels of Barcelona, but it’s already quite the institution, popular among tourists and locals alike. That’s because Casa Bonay is more than just a hotel. It also boasts two restaurants, a café, an art space and the Chiringuito rooftop bar. Finally, as well as a fantastic view over the central Eixample district, it offers unbelievably good tapas and ice cold drinks.

Casa Bonay
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 700, 08010 Barcelona


2. Nømad Every Day

The best coffee in Barcelona? This is often the topic of heated debate among coffee shop entrepreneurs. Without a doubt, Nømad’s coffee is among the best. However, their premises in the El Born quarter is difficult for tourists to get to, given that it only opens its doors to coffee lovers during the week and is closed on weekends. But the new coffee shop in El Raval welcomes customers every day with coffee and ice cream. A must try: the Cono Affogato! In this dessert a small ball of ice cream “drowns” in the espresso.

Nømad Every Day
Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 26, 08001 Barcelona

Cono Affogato

Cono Affogato – the perfect mix of coffee and ice cream, available at Nømad’s new coffee shop in Barcelona’s trendy El Raval quarter.


3. Impossible

Impossible’s eclectic premises offer something truly different on a food tour of Barcelona. Nestled among the mass of tapas bars in a cosy square in the fashionable El Born quarter – that’s where you’ll find it: a shop that alongside polaroid cameras and independent magazines, also specialises in local design. A great stop after lunch, and the perfect place to buy unique souvenirs.

Carrer d’en Tantarantana, 16, 08003 Barcelona

4. Red Ant

Red Ant: Salmon Curry

Salmon curry with lemongrass and mint? Yes, please!

Once an insider secret of Mosquito, the cat has now long since been out of the bag. Queues in front of the Asian restaurant are long. However, few people know that no more than 300 metres away lies the Red Ant Noodle Bar – with significantly less of a crowd, but equally as good food. The most exciting dish on the menu? The salmon curry! And to wash it down? A craft beer freshly brewed in Barcelona.

Red Ant
Carrer dels Tiradors, 5, 08003 Barcelona


5. Fàbrica Moritz

Direct from the source: the city’s popular Moritz beer.

Coming from Germany, I’m obviously used to quality beer. However, to my surprise I realised that, as well as Cava, the Catalonians also produce excellent beer! And the classic local Moritz beer manages to hold its own against the up-and-coming craft beer scene. Indulge yourself with a beer from Fàbrica Moritz, a trendy restaurant/brewery combination. And why not accompany your beer with Catalan tapas or tarte flambée from the Alsace region? A must-try is the Epidor pan de cerveza; bread made using the establishment’s very own brewing malt!

Fàbrica Moritz 
Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39 – 41, 08011 Barcelona


6. Wer-Haus

It doesn’t just look fantastic: the gourmet burger.

There are places that just can’t decide what they want to be: restaurant, café, gallery or event space. But once you arrive at the Wer-Haus on the lively Carrer d’Aragó main street, you realise that that doesn’t have to be a problem. The average lunch break becomes a true experience here. Whether you prefer flicking through one of the many magazines, inspecting modern photography or trying on trendy fashion items – this industrial-chic metropolitan hub is sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment beyond the delicious food and beverages it serves (including excellent coffee).

Carrer d’Aragó, 287, 08009 Barcelona


7. La Heladería Mexicana

There is no shortage of ice cream parlours in the city’s Barceloneta beach area. However, if you are looking for something special, head to the Heladería Mexicana. A real insider’s tip, this artisan bistro serves unique home-made and hand-crafted flavours including pear-banana-ginger, Mexican vanilla, and matcha & lime. My favourite has to be 100% cacao – tastes just like liquid chocolate. Those with less of a sweet tooth will also get their money’s worth: despite the name (heladería = ice cream parlour), the Heladería Mexicana also guarantees to fill a hole with tasty quesadillas and burritos.

La Heladería Mexicana
Carrer de la Mestrança, 49, 08003 Barcelona

Do you fancy Mexican vanilla or 100% cacao?


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