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An appetizer from Barcelona

The Bodega “La Puntual”

The best ‘pan con tomate’ in the city? In the middle of Barcelona’s gothic quarter, head chef Agustin Rodilla specialises in Catalan classics like ‘pan con tomate’ and ‘patatas bravas’.

It is no surprise that we find one of Barcelona’s most comfortable restaurants on Calle Montcada. Here, just a stone’s throw away from the Picasso Museum, wealthy merchants and aristocrats once built magnificent gothic palaces. Of the palace that once stood here, which now entices people in with chef Agustin Rodilla’s delicacies, only one original wall remains. But this harmonious mix of tradition and modernity perfectly depicts what distinguishes the ‘La Puntual’ bodega: here you arrange to meet with friends over a glass of wine – and then stay far longer than you ever planned. This down-to-earth sense of comfort is reflected in the menu. Rodilla relies on classic Catalan dishes, which he gently hones, but not so much that they become unrecognisable. And in this video he explains the tradition of serving drinks with an appetizer of meat or cheese. We say: Bon profit!

Bodega La Puntual
Carrer de Montcada, 22, 08003 Barcelona